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Wooden Bird Feeders Australia

When one thinks of bird feeders, one inevitably pictures a home-themed, wooden bird feeder hanging from a backyard tree or fixed to a garden post. It’s the quintessential garden bird feeding scene. At Nature Mates, we’ve dabbled in a few different wooden bird feeder styles, tried different sizes, shapes and types of wood. But we’re most excited about our latest range of wooden bird feeders for Australian birds because we’ve tried to accommodate as many different bird sizes and remedy as many of the previous concerns we’ve heard, as possible.

The great thing about traditional wooden bird feeders is their versatility when it comes to bird feed. There’s enough room to offer a variety of seeds, nuts, suet or fruit, meaning that you can attract a wide variety of Australia wild birds to your garden and can adjust the food according to the season as well.

Nature Mates Lodge Wooden Bird Feeder
Nature Mates Buffet Bar
Nature Mates Mansion Wooden Bird Feeder
Nature Mates Gingerbread House

Our new range of quality wooden bird feeders are made from fir wood. Fir grains are close together, making it strong, stable and much less prone to warping or twisting than some other woods. It also withstands the outdoor elements extremely well and should, along with our eco-friendly paints, ensure that these bird feeders last a long time in your garden.

All our wooden bird feeders come with a nylon hanging rope for hanging from a branch, beam or feeding station but they can also be fixed to a post or pole if that’s your preference. Check out our four new, high quality wooden bird feeders below.


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