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Buffet Bar Wooden Bird Feeder


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This lightweight, wooden and perspex bird feeder is suitable for seed and nut eaters. The feeder is made from Paulownia wood, coated in a clear layer of eco-friendly, waterproofing paint and includes a number of small drainage holes on the feeding platform.

The clear perspex walls allow for a high volume of seed to be stored, refilling the feeding platform as the seed is eaten. We however, do not recommend completely filling (i.e. to the top) the feeder with seed as this can place large pressure on the perspex walls which can bulge. The feeder comes fitted with a hanging rope but is also suitable for placing on flat surfaces or securing to a platform.

The size of the bird feeder is 30cm (L-base) 20cm (W-base) 34cm (H). The feeder comes fully assembled, no additional assembly or fittings are required. To refill the feeder, lift the wooden lid up and to the side and fill with seed or nuts.

Note that this bird feeder is lightweight and designed to accommodate bird life only. The feeder cannot withstand the weight of heavier animals such as possums that have been known to break them. We recommend removing the feeder at night if you believe it would attract nocturnal animals.

Additional information

Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 34 cm

Body material

Paulownia wood, perspex

Lid and bottom material

Paulownia wood

Food type

Wild bird seed, nuts




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