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Nature Mates’ Bird Feeding Station is a feeding stand that allows you to hang your bird feeders in any location in your garden. It’s especially useful for those without some handy branches to hang from. It also allows you to hang up to 4 feeders from the station at once, attracting a variety of birds and allows you to offer a variety of foods simultaneously.

This bird feeding station is a metal construction, with a powder coated finish. It also comes with a spiked base pole to secure your feeding station into the ground. The metal stem is made up from 4 equal parts, so is height adjustable. The 2 pairs of hanging hooks are also height adjustable. Only 1 pair of hanging hooks can also be used if you choose.

Be sure to use a rubber mallet or something similar to knock the base pole into the ground to avoid damaging the pole. Bury the pole deep to ensure maximum stability.

Feeders not included.

Height: approx. 2.4m

Width : 58cm

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 67 × 32 × 9 cm

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