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Nature Mates’ Bird Feeding Station Kit includes a feeding station and 4 different basic feeders. Having a feeding station allows you to hang your bird feeders in any location in your garden and is especially useful for those without some handy branches to hang from. The 4 different types of feeders allow you to offer a variety of bird food meaning you can attract a variety of birds.

This bird feeding station is a metal construction, with a powder coated finish. It also comes with a spiked base pole to secure your feeding station into the ground. The metal stem is made up from 4 equal parts, so is height adjustable. The 2 pairs of hanging hooks are also height adjustable. Only 1 pair of hanging hooks can also be used if you choose.

Be sure to use a rubber mallet or something similar to knock the base pole into the ground to avoid damaging the pole. Bury the pole deep to ensure maximum stability.

The 4 feeders included are :

  • Small Seed Feeder
    • Ideal for most types of bird seed
    • Dimensions :  21cm (H) x 6cm (tube diameter)
  • Small Nut Feeder
    • Ideal for peanuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds and other natural nuts
    • Dimensions :  21cm (H) x 6cm (tube diameter)
  • Fruit Tube Feeder (brown)
    • Ideal for fruit or suet balls
    • Dimensions : 24cm (H) x 7cm (tube diameter)
  • Fruit Box Feeder (brown)
    • Ideal for fruit or suet cakes
    • Dimensions : 16cm (H) x 13cm (L) x 4cm (W)

Feeding station dimensions: 

Height: approx. 2.4m

Width : 58cm

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Dimensions 67 × 32 × 9 cm

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