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  • Wooden Bird Feeder for Australian wild birds Cafe Feeder image 1 Wooden Bird Feeders Australia

    Wooden Bird Feeders When one thinks of bird feeders, one inevitably pictures a home-themed, wooden bird feeder hanging from a backyard tree or fixed to a garden post. It's the quintessential garden bird feeding scene. At Nature Mates, we've dabbled in a few different wooden bird feeder styles, tried different sizes, shapes and types of wood. [...] Continue Reading
  • Which type of bird feeder is right for you?

    When looking to buy a backyard bird feeder, there are a few considerations. What types of birds are seen in my garden and perhaps, what others, might I be trying to attract? What types of food am I looking to offer? Specific types of seeds, mixes, fruit or suet? Where do I want to fix [...] Continue Reading